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Attention to Detail

Jean Machine provides straightforward clothes for individuals who appreciate high quality and uncomplicated style.

Garments are created by combining the best fabrics sourced throughout the world with expert design knowledge and precision in the finishing.

Artist Greg Eason was commissioned to create a series of drawings based on Jean Machine details. Eason’s attention to detail in re-creating intricate images made him a natural choice for collaboration.

Product Details

01. Coin Pocket The coin pocket on every pair of jeans is unique.

02. Button Our 17mm silver and copper button is branded with the Jean Machine logo.

03. Hem The hem on our jeans has a 0.8mm single stitch with chain stitching used on the inside hem.

04. Pocket The City shirt utilises a single button and has narrow binding at the pocket opening.

05. Cuff The Work shirt has a single buttoned cuff and a slim sleeve placket.

06. Inside Pocket Our size and wash instructions are located on the right-hand sidepocket bag.

07. Label The iconic Jean Machine label is woven in blue and placed on an off-white background.

Wash instructions

Keeping colour in Jean Machine jeans
Keeping the original base colour in your Jean Machine jeans depends on how long you wear them between washing. Leave them as long as possible without washing to slow down the colour loss process. The recommend wash is on a low heat or quick program in a washing machine. To dry, hang your jeans indoors and out of direct sunlight.

How to fade Jean Machine jeans
Speed up the fading by washing in warm water, in a long washing cycle and tumble-dry at a high heat – but be aware that this may cause the seams to twist and weaken. The ideal wash is a regular 30 degrees cycle, regular spin and no tumble-dry. If you want to get the fit immediately back into your jeans, wear them whilst damp and walk them dry.

Raw Jean Machine jeans
Jean Machine Raw jeans are made from denim that has never been washed. Generally, jeans are always rinsed in water before they are sold so the denim shrinks to its final shape. As raw denim has never been washed, Jean Machine Raw jeans will shrink about five percent during a wash. Get them back to their original size by pulling the legs when damp and wearing them to stretch them out.

Tip 1
Some denim experts believe you should never wash Raw jeans, or at least not in the first 6 months. Raw jeans should be washed inside out and in cold water. Wash by hand, in a cold shower, or on a low wash program in a washing machine and without any washing powder. To dry, if washed by hand, in cold water or in the shower, place them between two towels and press them until they are drip free.

Tip 2
If you decide to leave your jeans unwashed you will get a characteristic worn look, with higher contrasts in the places which distress the most. If you wash your Jean Machine Raw jeans once a week you will not get the same worn effect, but it will achieve a different look with a more faded colour. Whichever way you decide to treat your Jean Machine jeans it will be your own personal and distinct journey

Tip 3
Denim is a fabric that will live with you and will naturally fade and change with time depending on how you treat it. We at the Jean Machine hope you will enjoy the journey with your Jean Machine garment, and live life to its fullest.